Advantages of Solar.

There are many advantages of investing in solar and few disadvantages, here are our top 5 benefits and some solutions to the disadvantages.

Solar is a renewable energy source.

The most important benefit is that solar energy is a truly renewable energy source. It can be obtained in all areas of the world and is available every day. We cannot run out of solar energy, unlike other sources of energy; this is because solar energy is always going to be available as long as we have the sun, and we do not have to worry about that going any time soon. Did you know that scientists have predicted the sun will be here for at least another 5 billion years.

Reduces your electricity bills.

How much you save on your electricity bills totally depends on a few factors including your household usage and the size of your system. Battery storage will also impact this, as the batteries massively boost your return on investment. For a full estimation of predicted savings, we can make you a full in depth quotation, which shows the return of investment with a system completely unique to your solar needs.

Along with saving money on your electricity bills, there is a possibility of actually receiving payments for the excess energy you may export back to the grid.

Solar is an investment.

As well as solar helping to reduce your electricity bills, it is important to remember that solar is an investment! So, for those who are put off by the price of the installation, this investment is going to bring you money in the long run. Within our full in-depth quotations, we provide a return on investment price, along with an estimated generation table; this shows you an estimated total benefit over 25 years. The return on investment price is only an estimation but is based off of the weather in your area over the past 10 years and on how other people in your areas investments have succeeded. Nevertheless, we can say with confidence that your solar investment is going to save you so much money.

Technology development.

In the solar industry, the technology is forever changing and progressing onto bigger and better things that will help advance your system. These innovations have the potential to increase the effectiveness of solar panels, sometimes doubling the electrical input.
An example of one of these technological advancements is PERC technology. PERC technology is becoming more and more popular as a way of making solar panels. This is because the solar cells made with PERC technology are modified to produce 6 to 12 percent more energy than conventional solar panels.

Low maintenance costs.

Solar systems ordinarily do not require much maintenance. Solar panels are self-cleaning, however, if you feel that your panels do need a clean, there are plenty companies out there specialized in cleaning solar panels.

As there are no moving parts to a solar panel, there is no wear and tear, and most reliable solar panel manufacturers offer lengthy warranties. Therefore, after paying for the initial installation there is not much cost to maintenance.

It is no secret that with all things as amazing as solar, there are going to be some cons. One of these cons is that birds can be a nuisance, however we have the answer to issues like these. To deter birds from your panels we can install pigeon wire / bird mesh, this would be installed around your panels and therefore stop and block any birds from getting under your system.

Another con is that solar systems can take up a lot of space on your roof, as the more energy you want to produce, the bigger your system will have to be. This is because you will want to attain as much sunlight as possible. An alternative to using all the space on your roof is to install a ground mounted system, this tends to be a popular solution with many commercial builds.

Solar Knowledge Base

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