Solar energy.

Save £100s on your electricity bills.

HelpinU have partnered with revolutionary new energy company, Social Energy, the first Home Energy Trading solution fully compliant with the National Grid’s dynamic response service. Using the latest in solar panel battery storage and grid trading technologies, Social Energy can reduce your energy bill by up to 70%!

HelpinU are eager to introduce more renewable energy schemes to wider audiences. As the global pressure for reduced greenhouse emissions mounts, authority encouragement and rewarding of renewable measures will increase.

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How social energy works.

Licensed by Ofgem, the government regulator for gas and electricity markets in the UK, Social Energy creates a network in which electricity is bought, sold and traded.

Your solar panels generate energy, which is stored in your domestic battery. From here the energy can either be directly used by you, reducing your reliance on energy suppliers, or sold to the National Grid at peak times for the biggest return. With smart trading, Social Energy ensure your power is sold at the best time for the best price.

Solar power

Households typically use 20-40% of solar generated electricity.

Battery storage

Unused solar power is stored so you can use it throughout the night.

Solar energy

Solar energy you do not use is traded for your financial benefit.

HelpinU can assist with every step of the process, from getting started with solar energy to energy trading schemes. We HelpU get access to 100% renewable energy and huge electricity bill savings.

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