Central heating.

Get free or subsidised central heating.

Through government incentives, eligible homeowners and private tenants can get free first-time central heating.

Qualifying properties must have no pre-existing central heating system and be off-gas. Property type, bedroom number, and energy type will also be considered. HelpinU can help you by checking if you and your property qualify, performing a survey, and sending off an application for you.

Electric room heaters or old electric storage heaters are the most expensive ways to heat your home and are far less effective compared to gas central heating systems. With a new, efficient boiler, you can save £100s per year heating your home.

Lifetime savings of carbon through energy saving measures such as gas boilers are far superior to older methods. Implementation of energy efficient systems reduce environmental emissions, as well as financial impact.

If you do have electric room heaters for your main heating, you may well be eligible for an upgrade to state of the art, energy efficient Quantum Dimplex Storage Heaters.

Free first time central heating

Grant funding available for:

Mains gas boiler

Gas boilers are extremely popular for their energy efficiency and affordability.

Biomass boiler

Working similarly to gas boilers, biomass boilers combust sustainably sourced wood pellets.

LPG boiler

Liquified Petroleum Gas boilers are cheaper and produce less carbon emissions than oil boilers.

Air source heat pump

Air Source Heat Pumps extract heat from the air to heat homes.

Ground source heat pump

Ground Source Heat Pumps draw heat from the ground using underground pipes.

In order to be awarded a free, or heavily subsidised, boiler, radiators, pipework and control systems, homeowners and the property must be eligible. A HelpinU surveyor will attend your property, review current energy systems, assess eligibility, and if qualifying, complete and send off an application for you. Grants are likely to be awarded to more rural properties or those using least energy efficient methods. Qualifying properties must have no pre-existing central heating system.

Homeowners eligible for free first-time central heating include low income households and those vulnerable to living in the cold. Due to LA flexible eligibility, requirements can vary. Contact our team to check your eligibility.

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