How we HelpU.

HelpinU offer a wide variety of energy saving and heating grants, specialising in insulation, first time central heating, and solar energy.

We offer support throughout the grant application process, uploading information to ECOsurv, a specialised platform for the Energy Efficiency, ECO and Renewables industry. HelpinU process applications, filling in the appropriate forms for you, taking the hassle away from you. Through our developed relationships with local authorities, we have an understanding of qualification elements and LA flex terms.

Get in contact with our friendly team to book a time and date for a registered surveyor to visit. Work undertaken by the surveyor is necessary for the qualifying of your property to ensure the grant is required. Surveys are fast and generally unintrusive.

Home insulation grants.

Get free cavity wall, party wall, and loft insulation to improve household heating efficiency.

Solar Panels.

Beat the UK’s energy cap crisis by going solar, make huge energy savings and store the energy generated.

Home solar energy schemes.

Save money on electricity bills with innovative solar panel battery storage and grid trading technologies.