Are you a homeowner or private tenant living in a property without any central heating? Is your home connected to gas but has never had a boiler or radiators installed? If so, you could be eligible for funding to cover all (or some) of the cost of installing a new central heating system in your home.

What’s it all about?

First Time Central Heating grants are available as part of the Energy Company Obligation (ECO3) scheme, a Government initiative designed to promote more energy efficient homes and take people out of fuel poverty.

Under the programme, a number of grants are available to help low-income households stay warm and improve their home’s energy efficiency, including access to funding for people who don’t currently have any central heating.

The latest phase of the ECO3 scheme includes First Time Central Heating grants for those with no heating at all, and homes that are currently heated by electric or other off-gas heating sources. Funded by the ‘big six’ energy companies, these grants don’t have to be repaid and cover all – or part – of the cost of installing a complete central heating system, including a brand-new boiler, pipework, radiators and control system.

Why take advantage of First Time Central Heating Grants?

In short, a grant could help make your home a warmer and more comfortable place, providing a reliable and efficient new heating system that also costs less to run than many alternative heating sources.

With a new gas central heating system in place, households currently using electric room heaters or old electric storage heaters could save hundreds of pounds each year on their heating bills. These are some of the most expensive ways to heat your home, meaning a grant could help you unlock substantial annual savings.

Am I eligible for funding?

To receive a free or heavily subsidised central heating system, you must be a homeowner or private tenant who lives in a qualifying property and meets all other eligibility criteria.

As an independent energy saving organisation, we can advise on whether you are likely to be eligible for the scheme and send out a qualified surveyor to assess your property and review current energy systems. If qualifying, we can complete and send off the application on your behalf.

The Property

Qualifying properties must have no pre-existing central heating system in place. If your home is heated by electric room heaters, electric storage heaters, gas room heaters or has no heating at all, your property may be eligible for funding.

A number of other factors are also taken into consideration, including property type, number of bedrooms, EPC rating and energy type. It must also have a gas supply.

The Applicant

Firstly, you must own your own home or be a private tenant who also has permission from the landlord.

You could be eligible for funding if you receive one or more of the following benefits:

• Armed Forces Independence Payment
• Attendance Allowance
• Carer’s Allowance
• Child Benefit*
• Child Tax Credit
• Constant Attendance Allowance
• Disability Living Allowance
• Income Support
• Pension Credit (Guarantee)
• Employment and support allowance (income-related)
• Jobseeker’s allowance (Income-based)
• Income Support
• Industrial injuries disablement benefit
• Mobility supplement
• Personal independence payment
• Severe disablement allowance
• Universal credit
• War Pension Mobility Supplement
• Working tax credit

*If you receive Child Benefit, you may also need to meet certain income rules.

You may also be eligible for funding even if you don’t receive any benefits. Thanks to Flexibility Eligibility (LA Flex), local authorities may expand their qualifying criteria to tailor the scheme to their area. This means that fuel-poor households and those vulnerable to living in the cold could also receive funding.

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