This is an important message regarding the free energy saving grants grants that are available to you if you heat your home with electric.


It is estimated that there are still close to a million homes that are uninsulated and have inefficient heating or no fixed heating at all. Is yours one of them?

If so, you need to get in touch and find out if or what are grants you are able to claim before this current scheme comes to an end early next year.

The Eco scheme was setup by the government to help reduce carbon emissions through the reduction of energy use.

ECO2 provided grant funding for homeowners on oil to replace their old inefficient and expensive oil boilers. This finished and there is no longer funding available for oil boilers and many people were left disappointed as the scheme came to an end

While there are grants to help all homeowners, ECO3 is focussing mainly on homes that use electricity for heating.

There are Funds available that will help you to better insulate your home with cavity or internal wall insulation, loft insulation and even underfloor insulation as well as replacing your old electric heaters with brand new efficient dimplex quantum storage radiators.

If you don’t or have never had any form of central heating then you could also be entitled for a first time central heating grant if there is gas available in your street or alternatively an LPG tank can be installed.

These energy saving measures are 100% free

You do not have to be on benefits either as there is also separate funding through the local authority FLEX scheme that can help fund a number of FREE energy saving home improvements. Each council has slightly different criteria But we work with all of the councils in the region and can look at exactly what you qualify for.

These grants will not only save you thousands of pounds in the actual cost for these improvements but can also reduce your energy costs by up to 40% and will obviously  increase the value of your home.

Funds are limited and allocated on a first come first served basis.

To find out what you may be entitled to click on the button and complete the short form. It takes less than a minute and, as I have already mentioned,  could well be worth thousands of pounds to you.