Cavity Wall Insulation.

Why Insulate your home.

Over a third of heat loss is through walls – that means that for every £3 you spend on heating your house, you could waste £1!

Insulating your property can reduce heat loss, maintain comfortable temperature and reduce energy use by 30%. Effective energy use can improve your property’s EPC rating, increasing value. Using the Help to Heat fund, eligible homeowners and private tenants can receive free insulation for a variety of applications. Houses built before 1990 are unlikely to have effective cavity wall insulation, if any.

To qualify for free insulation, properties must not have existing insulation in the areas for survey. HelpinU surveyors can perform an unintrusive borescope inspection to check for insulation. Homeowners eligible for free insulation include households with high heating costs and those with members of the household vulnerable to living in the cold. Due to LA flexible eligibility, requirements can vary. Contact our team to check your eligibility.

Thermabead Cavity Wall Insulation Specialists

Unlike other products, Thermabead needs fewer and smaller drill holes. The bead is designed to flow into all the spaces in the wall, making sure there are no gaps missed and, therefore, no cold patches in your home. Due to their shape, moisture will flow downwards and drain away.